Products: 2 Digit I2C Nixie Controller

2 Digit Controller

Available here : $14.99

  • I2C control
  • Arduino compatible code(available here)
  • 16 settable I2C addresses
  • Controls 2 nixies with decimal point and 2 extra outputs
  • 24 300V rated open collector transistor drives

Getting Started

  1. Power Supply & Calculating Current Limit Resistors
    • Power supply should provide enough current and a voltage in excess of the striking voltage of the nixie you've selected
    • Current Limit Resistors(R40 & R41) = (PSU Voltage - Sustain Voltage)/Current
  2. Setting I2C addresses
    • I2C address is controlled with Bits 0-3 and are added to a base I2C address of 8.
    • Bit inputs are default pulled high, tie to ground to pull to 0
  3. Control
    • ProTip: If you haven't worked with I2C before I reccomend purchasing a Bus Pirate to experiment with
    • Ensure each controller has a different address if using more than one
    • Ensure you have I2C pullup resistors
    • I2C message is 2 bytes. 1st byte is a binary value 0-99 will display that number on the tubes. A number above 100 will turn the tubes off. 2nd byte encodes the decimal on/off and the 2 extra outputs.
      7   6   5   4   3   2   1   0
      X   X   X   X   D1  D2  X1  X2